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August 6, 2016

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Dog Lovers Show Sydney

Dog Lovers Show Sydney 2016

One of the largest dog events dedicated to our four-legged friends has opened in Sydney.

Showcasing a variety of pet products from big international brands to small family-run Aussie businesses, this show is a celebration of the friendship we have with dogs.

This year’s show sees some familiar faces returning and some new ones. There was a doggy bookshop selling everything that a well read dog would need and included titles such as: our very own Pet-Friendly on Australia’s East Coast, Sydney for Dogs, Wonderdogs and Pupcakes, whose author, Tanya Arnold brought the Doggy Bookshop to life.

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Next up were there many breeds on display. With more this year, it was difficult to decide who to visit first. Among our favourites were the friendly Chow Chows who seemed happy to be patted and stroked, especially one named Paddington, who loved the attention he was getting.

dog lovers show                                                               Dog Lovers Show Sydney 2016

Among the many pet products to sample, one that caught our eye was Maxxwell Australia on Stand #R458.

Their jewellery range and pet water pebbles are a natural therapy which can benefit dogs with arthritis and joint pain.

It’s said that by placing a magnetic water pebble in your pet’s drinking water can actually ease stress and anxiety – good for the travelling pet!

maxxwell australia


dog lovers show

The show is on Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th Augus(9.30am – 5pm daily) and bring together over 500 beautiful dogs, 200+ Exhibitors, 25,000+ visitors, celebrity vets, incredible dog shows and over 14 visitor features – heaven for Dog lovers!


With all this fun, we can’t wait until next year! Roll on Dog Lovers Show 2017.