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August 21, 2012

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Dog Friendly: Horseshoe Bay & Redhead Beach Newcastle

Horseshoe Bay

This is Newcastle’s only official off-leash beach and is located at Nobby’s Road, Newcastle East.¬†Horseshoe Beach is a great place for dogs to enjoy a splash in the ocean without the restriction of a leash.¬†Located in Newcastle Harbour, the sheltered waters of Horseshoe Beach are ideal for dogs to play in.



Off-leash beach, Newcastle NSW

Redhead Beach

This beach is located around 16.5km south of Newcastle. The off-leash dog area extends from Second Creek, southerly for approx 700 metres.


Absolutely 100% favourite spot for my boy Bodhi is redhead beach, Newcastle. It stretches for 9 miles and is largely dog friendly, we are blessed to live just ten minutes from it and visit regularly!