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May 29, 2014

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Is this Australia’s Oldest Cat?

Australia’s Oldest Cat

world's oldest cat

The average cat lives just a dozen or so years, and Poppy, a tortoiseshell cat in England, is twice that old. The cat was just named the world’s oldest feline.

After we shared the news of Poppy the world’s oldest cat on our Facebook page, some of our readers shared their fantastic felines who might well be future contenders. Here are some of them.


old cats

This is Shangy he is 21.7 and still going strong. – Michelle Auntie Shell Ambrose


Australia's oldest cat

This is my boy his name is BabyCat he’s just gone 8yrs old in human years don’t know what it make him in cat years but I’ve had him since he was 4wks old, still gets into thoughts playful moments. – Hayley Wilson

Australia's oldest cat

Not Baby Cat – but Baby Kitty. Not he – but she :))) – Melissa Tumbas


More comments from our readers

My ginger girl lived until she was 24. Sadly started to go down hill after she lost her her mate of 17 yrs. A long coat german shepherd. Ginger had a massive 21st party. – Jo Morgan



My Oscar got to 24 and was still going strong until he went into shock after a stray cat beat him up … he was always a very peaceful soul  Have had lots of cats in the late teens and early 20’s. The secret is one meal of REAL food a day! Fresh meat, small fish, rabbit, chicken necks .. whatever as long as it’s not out of a tin or packet ….. and a second meal of good quality dry to supplement any deficiencies. – Jennifer Collins



My girl is 18. I reckon she’s got at least another 6 years in her. – Sandy Lumbar



Do you have a contender for Australia’s oldest cat?