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May 13, 2023

Animals Like Us

Animals Like Us

Try Animals Like Us – a new high-protein pet food – Raw Made Easy. Because animals like to eat well like us.

We were excited to try this new high-protein dog food that is now available in Woolworth stores across Australia. Even the box had cute packaging when it arrived (even the cat was interested!). Not only is it less processed than the usual kibble you find in the supermarket, but the company also prides itself on being ethical using cage-free chicken and sustainably farmed salmon. 

Other reasons to give this new NZ pet food a go, are there are no added grains, sugars or glycerins, no added hormones or growth promotants, and only free-range NZ, grass-fed meat is used.

Animals Like Us Cat 2

Research has shown that dogs are naturally drawn to raw food and that some particular breeds of cats do better when fed a raw food diet. The good news is Animals Like Us is freeze dried making it safe and easy to prepare. No more mess!

It’s sustainably sourced and produced in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, and it will have your best mate’s tail wagging. Pickle the Kelpie was particularly impressed.

Animals Like Us comes in three flavours: Grass-fed Beef, King Salmon and Ocean Fish, and Lamb and Venison Tripe. The RRP is $30 each and is also available as a treat at $10 each.


Animals Like Us 3


About the company

Animals Like Us was born and is made, in New Zealand. It’s a great place to make food for your animals because it’s grown in a clean, unspoiled land.

Rob Achten, co-founder of Animals Like Us, said, “The freeze-dry process retains all the tasty goodness whilst making it easy and safe for humans to handle.”

The company is careful about sourcing meats and vegetables, and only works with ethical farms that meet the company’s high standards.


***Remember when transitioning your pet onto new food it’s best to introduce it gradually, check out the Animals Like Us feeding guide on the pack or on the website.


For more information visit the Animals Like Us website.