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September 28, 2021


8 Ways To Commemorate Your Pet’s Life

When it comes to pets, there aren’t any prescribed rituals for mourning their death, unlike humans. However, pet owners can hold burials, funerals, or even cremations.

If you want to commemorate your pet’s life, there are other ways to do it, and these include the following 8 ways to commemorate your pet’s life:


  1. Plant Flowers Or A Tree In Honour Of Your Pet

A garden signifies continued growth and life. With this in mind, consider planting flowers or a tree in honour of your pet. You can also purchase or make a garden stone with your pet’s name etched into it and put it in your existing garden. Several pet owners even prefer using their pet’s old water or food dish as a planter.

If you decide to consider dog or cat cremation services from a reliable company, you can also use the ash to grow your tree or flowers. This will remind you of your pet whenever you see the garden.


  1. Make Donations To Animal Organizations

If your pet brought so much to your life, one of the ways to commemorate your pet’s life is by donating to an animal organization. You may want to donate to a cause like the animal cancer foundation or to the shelter you’ve adopted them from.

Some shelters will even let you sponsor their residents, which will give you the chance to pay for the monthly cost of your choice toward their toys, medical care, and treats. Spending some money on other animals will help you turn your loss into more love.


  1. Opt For A Customized Piece Of Art

If you’re not sure where to get started to celebrate your pet’s life, you can search on social media accounts to find ideas. Generally, most pet owners would recommend you to go with a custom piece. For instance, you can pay a professional to paint your pooch.

From prints, oil paintings, sketches, and watercolours, you have endless options. You can even print your pet’s image on a shirt or pillowcase. Just play with your creativity and compare the different ideas you find online.


  1. Do A Memorial Service

Another way to commemorate your pet’s life is through a pet funeral, just as you would for your family member. Whether or not you decide to bury your pet in a pet cemetery, you may still plan a memorial service at a park or in your home.

During your pet’s memorial service, show a slideshow or memorial video of your pet’s moments and share your stories. Some thoughtful touches may include serving food your dog or cat wanted such as tuna, bacon, or popcorn.


  1. Have A Tattoo Of Your Pet

If you prefer tattoos as a way to commemorate your pet’s life, there are several options you can consider such as your pet’s face, name, or anything that reminds you of them. A tattoo will serve as a reminder that even if they’re not with you anymore, their memory will be with you no matter where you are.


  1. Create A Memory Box

An easy and cheap way to celebrate your life’s pet is by creating a memory box with your favourite memories with them. If you have kids, let them be involved in crafting a memory box. Gather dog toys, photographs, blankets, and some keepsake items in a box. You can keep it safe in your room or anywhere in your home to let you revisit your memories with your pet anytime.


  1. Consider Frames And Plaques

A pet memorial frame is specially made to hold a photo of your pet alongside memorabilia like your pet’s collar or paw print. On the other hand, plaques may turn your favourite photo into a 3D image with your pet’s name and your preferred inscription.

If you prefer plaques or frames, the pet retail market has many options to offer. The only thing you should do is to choose what’s best suited for your needs.


  1. Make A Photo Album

In today’s modern world, most photos are taken digitally, and few are printed to be put into a physical photo album. To remember your pet’s life, you can create a photo album dedicated to your pet.

If you want your photo album to be more unique, you can add labels or stickers. If you wish to remember the great times with your pet or you feel sad, photo albums will give you a spark of joy whenever you open them.



Pets are like family members, making it challenging for many pet owners to deal with the loss of someone they cherished for years. Fortunately, there are several ways to commemorate your pet’s life. Depending on your preferences, you can decide to donate to an animal shelter, have a garden in memory of your pet, or create a beautiful photo album, among others.