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April 21, 2023

4 Pet Wellness Tips You Should Not Ignore

4 Pet Wellness Tips You Should Not Ignore

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4 Pet Wellness Tips You Should Not Ignore. Statistics indicate that Australia has 29 million pets, and 61% are dogs. Good pet parents understand the essence of knowing the latest wellness trends in the animal care industry. Indeed, ignoring your pet’s health is the worst disservice you can do to your little friend. Fortunately, keeping your pet fit should not be a burden if you work with well-trained vets. Do you want to give your pet the best healthcare treatment and prolong its lifespan? Don’t ignore these pet wellness tips.


  1. Provide a good diet


Your pet’s appearance reflects what it eats, and there are numerous benefits to feeding it with the right nutrients. A nutritious diet strengthens your pet’s immunity and increases its mental function. Give it the best feed and watch it enjoy optimal health. If you’re unsure what to give your dog, do not hesitate to book an appointment with your veterinarian. They will gladly recommend what your furry friend should eat, so keep this in mind.


  1. Groom properly


Ensure you give your pet the right grooming services to avoid unpleasant skin conditions and pain. Every kind of pet has its recommended grooming technique; dogs and cats usually require periodic fur cleaning. Trimming their nails, bathing, and brushing are all vital for owning a beautiful pet. You can draw a calendar and schedule your grooming time to suit your work schedule without ignoring your pet’s attention. Finally, remember it’s important to use the right tool for the right job before you inflict unnecessary pain on your furry family member. When in doubt, ask your vet or pet grooming service for assistance.


  1. Vaccines are key


Pets love to mingle with other animals in their neighbourhood, such as in dog parks, backyards, and other facilities. Unfortunately, this fun-filled socialisation is a risk factor to bear in mind as it exposes them to hazards and disease infestation, including rabies and leptospirosis. And it could pass its infection to your household. Vaccines are key to keeping your pet safe from dangerous diseases. Consult experienced vets to vaccinate your pets and keep them healthy all year round.


  1. Check up on your pet half-yearly


A semi-annual medical checkup is recommended for nurturing an active and energetic pet. Even if your instinct convinces you it is healthy, go the extra mile to get experts to examine and confirm its health status. Like man, animals can also contract health issues that are hard to notice immediately. A pet medic will conduct a routine physical exam and blood checks to diagnose hidden diseases early enough for treatment. For instance, if your pet suffers from flea infestation, the vet can quickly offer flea treatment to prevent complications. Applying the proactive approach means you truly care for that bubbly creature in your compound. You will save money in the long haul if you stick to semi-annual checkups designed to keep your friend fit and strong.


Prioritising your pet’s health is essential for ensuring its longevity. Hopefully, you’ll consider these 4 Pet Wellness Tips You Should Not Ignore for desired results.