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March 9, 2022

4 Essential Skills Dogs Need Before Travelling

4 Essential Skills Dogs Need Before Travelling

Going on holiday with your dog or even other pets is a great way to show them there is much more to the world than your home and the local park. It also means you don’t have to go through the heartbreaking process of saying goodbye, even though you know it’s only for a week. But, some pet owners are unsure whether the time is ever right to take their nervous pets away with them. They worry that their pet will cause a scene or not be comfortable wherever they go. To overcome this, here are 4 essential skills dogs need before travelling.


No Pulling

Whether you’re going on a trip to the beach or prefer to test your endurance with a walking holiday, make sure your dog knows how to walk nicely and not pull at their lead.


At the very least, this is a minor inconvenience, especially if you’re walking along tricky trails where you never quite feel you have all your balance. At worst, it could take you completely by surprise, meaning your dog may bound off into the distance of an unfamiliar place. This can put you, your dog, and everyone else at risk, so before you go anywhere, make sure they know how to walk without getting too excited.


Staying Close to You

It isn’t just pulling that can cause problems. You will also need to teach your dogs how to stay close to you at all times, especially if you are travelling for the first time.


This is especially true of younger dogs such as Australian cobberdog puppies who may want to race towards the nearest pond for a swim. You don’t know how deep this pond could be, and that might put them at risk. Keeping them close will avoid any issues, even if they are allowed off their lead.


Comfortable with Other Dogs and People

By now, your dog should be comfortable with meeting other people, especially if there are several other dogs and owners you meet during your walks. However, taking them on a trip means they are exposed to new people, dogs, and environments that could stress them out.


The more comfortable they’re in these environments, the fewer issues you will have. If you’re uncertain about their temperament, it’s best to avoid a holiday until they are more secure.


The final thing to think about is whether your dog is house trained, and even if they are, can you trust them not to mark their territory when arriving at a new home. It’s always best to consider methods that have proven effective in house training, and you may even want to bring puppy pads along just in case. Although many dog-friendly accommodations are prepared for these issues, you don’t want your dog to cause damage to the walls or carpets.


Happy Travels

All dog and pet owners will be nervous when taking their furry friend away for the first time. With these tips, you will have no trouble encouraging them to behave themselves and get the most out of their adventure. If all goes well, it will be the first of many happy memories you make together.



Main Photo: by Justin Aikin on Unsplash