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May 23, 2017

3 Ways Household Cleaners Could Harm Your Pet

3 Ways Household Cleaners Could Harm Your Pet

3 Ways Household Cleaners Could Harm Your Pet

Could you unintentionally be putting your pet in danger every day? If you use conventional household cleaning products, the answer is “yes.” From general purpose cleaners, to air fresheners and toilet bowl cleaners, the chemicals found in all household cleaners pose health risks to your pet – some of which are more dangerous than others. To help keep your pet safe, read about three of the top risks posed by conventional household cleaners.

Toxic If Ingested

Pets have no way of knowing that the chemicals we use to clean our homes are not edible. If opened cleaning products are left in a place that can be easily accessed by your pet, he or she may mistake the toxin for a treat. Depending on the type of chemical, ingestion of cleaning products can cause a myriad of immediate health dangers, including death. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to keep cleaners closed up and stored out of reach of pets.

Cancer Risk

If you think that the only danger of household cleaners is ingestion, you might be surprised to hear otherwise. One of the biggest issues of common household cleaning products is the cancer risk posed to your pets. Studies have exposed the likelihood of cancer in humans which is caused by certain chemicals. However, this same risk applies to your pets. Because pets remain close to the surfaces that are regularly treated with toxic chemicals, they are constantly exposed to the toxins found in many common cleaners (such as formaldehyde, chlorine, and ammonia.) Both the inhalation and direct contact with these chemicals boost your pet’s chance of developing cancer.

Skin Irritant

Although it is the least likely harmful side effect, skin irritation caused by cleaning products can be a major source of frustration for your pet. Itchy, dry, and damaged skin that results from chemical exposure can cause your pet to feel significant pain. While not an immediate danger, the well-being of your pet can be significantly compromised with even minimal chemical exposure.

Best Way To Keep Your Pets Safe

The best way to eliminate all potential danger is to use pet safe cleaners. This can include all-natural cleaning products that are labeled as being “pet safe,” or you can opt to use an all-natural DIY cleaner (made from non-toxic ingredients). Removing the toxins found in conventional household cleaners from your home will be of benefit to both you and your pets.