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April 5, 2023

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6 Pet-friendly international airports

6 Pet-friendly international airports.

When travelling with a pet, it’s important to choose an airport with pet-friendly facilities and amenities to make them as comfortable as possible. Here are some international airports with great pet-friendly facilities.

*Please note rules surrounding pets change frequently so it is best to contact airports directly to be up-to-date about any possible restrictions or alterations in pet policies.

Unfortunately, Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam, in the Netherlands doesn’t have pet relief areas.


1. Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan

At this airport, you can access the pet hotel 24 hours a day, so you can drop your pet off without having to worry about arrival or departure times. There’s also a rest area that includes a state-of-the-art ‘pee pole’ that cleans itself, a water fountain, and a shower. Conveniently located, outside of the pickup and drop off area, making it ideal for travellers to stop before they get on a plane or after they get off. The rest area for dogs is open from 5:30 AM until 10:00 PM.


2. Istanbul Airport, Turkey

Located after passport control on the Departures Floor, are two free pet rooms and pet relief areas where their furry friends can meet their basic needs. The pet rooms have artificial grass for your pets to do their business, plus running water, free kibble and pet bowls. Visit the airport website for more information on travelling with pets.


3. Los Angeles International Airport, LA, United States

This airport has several pet-relief stations all over the airport. In total, there are eight indoor pet relief stations beyond the security checkpoints in the terminals and three outdoor stations. Equipped with synthetic grass, fresh water and doggy waste bags. It’s so dog-friendly that it’s not uncommon to see pets sitting on their owners’ laps while waiting for their flight at the gates at LAX.


Pet friendly airports


4. Helsinki Airport, Finland

Helsinki Airport has two pet relief areas that make travelling more pleasant for our four-legged friends. The pet relief area is located near the entrance to Arrivals hall on floor 1, next to the bus station. For more information visit the airport’s website.


5. JFK International Airport, New York City, USA

Read about the airports ultra modern amenities for pets on The Ark at JFK’s website. From onsite boarding a, pet relief areas,  daycare facilities, dog parks to 24-hour veterinary care,  this airport is very well-equipped for various types of animal travellers.


6. Fiumicino airport, Rome

Pet friendly Rome Airport

To make it easier for those with four-legged friends, there are 2 pet areas available at Fiumicino airport: One is at the Terminal 3 baggage claim area, near belt number 12.

The other one is outside the door No. 2 in the Terminal 3 Arrivals area, in the direction of Kiss & Go parking on via Generale Felice Santini, which is open to all,subject to the rules posted on the entrance gate. 



Pets at other international airports


Calgary International Airport, Canada

Dog relief areas are available outside of the terminal buildings. There are three areas located on the Arrivals Level outside Door 1, Door 9 and Door 17. YYC Calgary International Airport is one of the first airports in Canada to have an in-terminal pet relief area.


Zurich Airport, Switzerland

There is no pet relief area in the transit zone of Zurich Airport. The only possibility is the CIRCLE park, which is connected to the Airport and outside of the transit zone. You can find more information about the park in the link: Park – Flughafen Zuerich (flughafen-zuerich.ch).

If you wish to leave the transit zone to go outside, please pay attention to the entry requirements for you and your pet. The airport’s freight area has air-conditioned, soundproofed animal holding rooms for those pets not travelling with their owners in the cabin.


Frankfurt Airport

There are no designated pet relieve areas in the transit areas of Frankfurt Airport.  You are asked to keep your pet on a leash and do not let it run free in the transit area. Read more information about travelling with pets via Frankfurt Airport here.


Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, Netherlands

Unfortunately, the airport does not have designated pet toilets within the airport. However, you can make use of the park area in front of the Sheraton Hotel to allow your pet to relieve itself. You are kindly asked that you bring the appropriate supplies to clean up after your pet, as it is the responsibility of the pet owner to do so.


It’s important to note that each airport has its own policies and restrictions when it comes to pets, so be sure to check with the airport directly before travelling with your pet. Additionally, make sure to bring all necessary documents and follow all airline and airport guidelines for travelling with pets.



Pet Friendly Airports



7 Tips for travelling with pets


  1. Check the regulations in your destination country
  2. Allow extra time for check-in
  3. Arrange for vaccinations and travel documents far in advance
  4. Attach a label to the side of the kennel with your pet’s name and feeding instructions
  5. Get your pet used to the travel crate before departure
  6. Pack some pee pads just in case



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