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5 Best Books on Pet-Friendly Travels

Looking for inspiration for your next pet-friendly escapade? These books on travelling pets will have you itching for adventure. Read on for our 5 Best Books on Pet-friendly Travels.



Van Cat Meow, By Richard East

5 Best Books On Pet Friendly Travels

Popular Instagrammer, Richard East, recreates his crowd-pleasing travel blog in this light-hearted memoir. This short book is loaded with scenic photographs and stories illustrating the reality of life on the road with superstar cat, Willow.

Comfortable, but dissatisfied, Richard abandons his suburban norm for something more adventurous. Certain he would never leave Willow behind, the pair take on a nomadic dream life, travelling across the whole of Australia. Van Cat Meow tells the adorable true story of following your dreams with your bestie by your side.



Bodie on the Road, By Belinda Jones

5 Best Books On Pet Friendly Travels Bodie

Romance author, Belinda Jones, depicts self -discovery and adventure in this heart-warming travelogue.

Jilted by her ex-partner, Belinda makes the decision to adopt rescue dog, Bodie. Bonded by their prior misfortune, the pair plunge into a 2,000-mile trip along the west coast of America.

Enjoy vivid detail of one of America’s most iconic highways and get the inside scoop on some of the best dog-friendly stops along the way.



Bone Voyage: Travel with Your Pet, By Mary-Alice Pomputius

5 Best Books On Pet Friendly Travels Bon

Bone Voyage introduces readers to expert travel advice from experienced jet-setters Mary-Alice Pomputius and her dog, Chloe. This comprehensive guide features plenty of helpful tips and tricks for optimum pet-friendly travel. Including proper “petiquette”, places to stay and eat, and up-to-date rules and regulations.

Discover the best pet-friendly destinations the world has to offer and uncover a world of possibilities for your next vacation!



Travels with Charley: In Search of America, By John Steinbeck

5 Best Books On Pet Friendly Travels Charley

John Steinbeck sets out on a mission to intimately discover his country and the people that make it. With his French Poodle, Charley, and a reliable RV, Steinbeck embarks on a cross-country voyage, reflecting over his observations along the way.

This classic memoir beautifully illuminates life during 1960s America through the eyes of the author. Brimming with unique interactions and candid recounts, Travels with Charley offers a unique social commentary on a meaningful time in American history.



The Cat with Three Passports, By C.J. Fentiman

5 Best Books on Pet-friendly Travels

A captivating memoir, packed with introspective explorations and illustrative renditions. The Cat with Three Passports tells the true story of author CJ’s time in Japan.

Whilst travelling across Japan, CJ and her partner, Ryan come across a homeless kitten outside of a temple. Unable to leave the lovable silver tabby behind, they unpack their bags and stay for a while. Discover what this exceptional cat teaches the author about an old culture and new beginnings in this transformative tale.