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Try Our New Welcome Pet Pamper Pack!

Get pet guest-ready with our Welcome Pet Packs.


Here’s what’s included:

Pet Pamper Pack bathroom

Re-useable Doggy Toothbrush

Keep your dog’s teeth clean on the road! x 1
✔ Wake up to fresher breath
✔ A great way to keep your pet’s gums in good health


Tasty Dog Chew 
Healthy dog chew with chicken, seafood, rice and potato or vegan x 1
✔ Low in fat
✔ Gluten-free
✔ Improves dental hygiene and promotes fresh breath


Handmade Pet Travel Soap or Balm

Keep your pet clean while travelling! x 1
✔ 100% natural
✔ Australian made

✔ Soap blended with oatmeal, shea, neem leaves

*Either soap or balm provided depending on supply.*


Doggie Poop Bags

✔Doggie Poop Bag x 1 roll


Pet Pamper Pack Pet Pamper Pack bathroom Pet Pamper Pack


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Welcome Pet Pack Review

“Roger loved the Welcome Pet Pack!”

– Hamilton Heritage Bed & Breakfast