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July 10, 2014

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Readers’ Pets

The main photo was taken in Wollongong NSW where Julia the cat likes to join her family for walks by the ocean!

Readers’ Pets

Check out the great photos our readers‘ have sent in of their beloved pets. Below are some wonderful four-legged friends and pet-friendly properties.

dog friendly guidebook

We sure do cherish our golden oldie!!! Wouldn’t swap her for the world!

Thanks for the photo Jaida N Meila

pet friendly guidebook

Hi, my name is Poppy and I am Fiji’s most famous dog. I had my nose and ears chopped off and almost starved to death, but I was saved. I now have a brand new nose and the best life in the world in Queensland, Australia.  Some have horrible injuries and no one to help them. I only hope they will be as lucky as me. You can help them by supporting Animals Fiji http://www.animalsfiji.com/

Pet friendly guidebook

Sent in by Romeo Kerian

pet friendly guidebook

Sent in by Ron Apbt Bowerman

pet friendly guidebook

Sent in by Annette Davies

pet friendly

Sent in by Sandra Lawler


Thanks Cheryl Princess-Lilly Cogan for sending in this pic of her happy little traveller…ALWAYS harnessed in… — with Dogs On The GC – Exprezz URselfz GC Collarz & Leadz.

Charm and Daisey

‘Our 4-legged family members Charm and Daisey. Oh what a life!’ Torrumbarry Weir Holiday Park

Jessie K9

Jessie K-9. Thanks for the photo Martin Koskins


 Elvis the dog

 Elvis the dog. Thanks for this Tanya Nielson.


Glasshouse dog small

‘Thought you might enjoy seeing my daughters rescue pup Dixie-Bell enjoying the new lounge at the GlassHouse Rainforest Retreat. The very reason we don’t have fabric’.  Photo sent in by Linden Pirie.

Tinonee cott

The quality control team Tinonee Cottages – Reeta, Elvis (from Life with Elvis The Dog) and Patch.


These photos were taken by Deborah Elizabeth Keyatta. The images are from their recent stay at schatzis on Shalimah in the Hunter Valley NSW. Her dogs Maddigan and Jackson (it’s maddigan in the basket) enjoyed their stay and they highly recommend this place, and the back yard is very secure for dogs.

Angus at Hawthorn small

This is Angus from Blackthorn Hill Retreat, he wears a special coat so that the accommodation guests can see him in the dark when they arrive to check-in. It gets really dark in the countryside with no street lights. Thanks for the photo Claire Fury

We would love to see photos of your pets on holiday. Please post them on our Facebook page or send them to:

[email protected]

You can check out more pet friendly accommodation in NSW in Places to stay.