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November 4, 2019

The Seasonal Sticks Doog Range

Christmas Gift Guide for Pets

It’s that time of the year: Halloween has passed and, before you know it, decorations and Christmas songs are everywhere. With the countdown to Christmas nearly upon us, there’s no better time to start thinking about your shopping list. We know, finding the ideal present for your furry friends isn’t always easy. But fear not! With our Christmas Gift Guide for pets, we are here to help you find some paw-some ideas.

We did some research for you, and here are some very cute options for any wallet to let your pets know how much you love them.


Terrazzo Cat Diamond

Christmas Gift Guide for Pets

RRP: $33.95

Stockist: Temple & Webster

Cats have a passion for cozy, private spaces. Ever left an open carton box and found your cat had claimed it?

This cat house offers a prettier solution: it lets your kitty rest on a comfy cushion in an intimate space while giving your living an elegant touch of colour. It is also easy to clean so that your cat can always feel fresh.



Paws & Claws Large Gel-Tech Cooling Collar – Blue

Paws & Claws Large Gel Tech Cooling Collar – Blue

Pay $7.99 at Catch.com.au

With the temperatures rising, your four-pawed friend may not be that merry. We all like something nice and chill when the heat is hard to bear: then why not helping your dog cool down with a refreshing collar? This cooling collar contains a freezable gel, so that your furry mate can feel cheerful and fresh all summer.


Holiday Sticks Fetch Toys

The Seasonal Sticks Doog Range

Pay $14.95 at DogCulture.com.au

Meet this family of cheerful sticks and enjoy playtime with your four-pawed mate. These hilarious characters make playing fetch as fun as with a real stick, but extra safe and extra cool thanks to their glow in the dark eyes. The family includes Elfstick, Rudy Reindeer, Stickclaus and Twigfoot, all made from recycled materials, which means you’re also giving a present to the planet.


Welcome Pet Travel Pack

Welcome Pet Pack

Pay $12.99 at Pet-Friendly Australia

Link: https://pet-friendlyaccommodation.com.au/product/welcome-pet-pack/

Going on a trip over the holidays? Don’t forget to pack for your puppy as well! Not sure about what to bring and worried about forgetting the essentials? We’ve got you covered. Our signature Welcome Pet Travel Pack has all you need for a getaway with your furry mate. The set includes eco-friendly Oh Crap poop bags, a reusable, collapsible silicone travel bowl, an Evolution dental chew to keep your dog’s mouth healthy and fresh, and a lovely toy (it’s Christmas after all!). Make a gift to your four-pawed friend and help protect the world you both live in with this sustainable travel pack!


Holiday Heggie Christmas Bauble

Holiday Heggie

Pay $10 at DogCulture.com.au

This holiday plush toy is just the cutest thing. Perfect for a cuddly, cozy Christmas and any other occasion really. Suitable for all sizes and with a lovely grunting sound, Heggie will quickly become your pet’s favorite.



Ready for more ideas? Our Christmas Gift Guide for Pets doesn’t stop here!


Check out lots of gifts and toys under $50



Collapsible Dog Car Boot Organizer

Pay $19.95 at DogCulture.com.au

You’re on a trip, say to the beach. You just parked your car and your furry mate is really excited to get out and explore. Somehow, finding everything you need in the car is becoming a challenge: where did you put the poop bags? And what about the treats? Sounds familiar? Don’t let this happen again. Get yourself and your dog this convenient, collapsible organizer and make sure you have everything handy to make your trip as smooth and fun as you both deserve!


LickiMat Splash with Suction Cap – Bathtime Helper!

Pay $19.99 at DogCulture.com.au

Your canine buddy gets a bit antsy for grooming, bath times, and vet appointments? Turn those moments from nasty to fun with this little mat. Just spread some tasty soft treat on the mat and stick it to any hard surface thanks to the suction cap. Your puppy will be so busy with this yummy game that vet nervousness will just be something from the past.


Green by Northmate – Slow Feed Interactive Dog Bowl

Pay $44.95 at DogCulture.com.au

Some dogs tend to eat their food a little bit too fast and without chewing properly. This can cause painful stomach swelling, chocking and even vomiting. Unfortunately, it may be hard to explain to them they should take it slow. A more effective strategy is to make their meal somewhat more challenging with this interactive bowl, where your four-pawed companion has to work his/her way in the blades of grass. This gift helps keep your pooch healthy and engaged and is even suitable for wet food!


Feel like the love for your puppy is priceless? Here are some great travel/adventure related gifts:


Pawmanity Luxury Hammock by Aussie Company

Pay $179 at DogCulture.com.au

This Split Rear Seat Hammock protects your car from scratches, bite marks, sand, and stains while offering your dog a level of comfort a real sultan deserves.

The top layer of this elegant seat cover is not only resistant to abrasion and water, but it also prevents your furry friend from slipping off the seat. It also features Velcro seat belt openings for fast and easy buckling up and two large pockets to store all the essentials. No more excuses for not bringing your dog on the next road trip!



Pawmanity Luxury Cargo Liner by Aussie company

Pay $149 at DogCulture.com.au

This universal fit cover is perfect even for the most adventurous pooch. This Christmas, give your dog the gift of making his/her future car trips comfortable, secure, and relaxing.

The cargo liner will keep your trunk clean and intact by protecting it against all dog-inflicted damage, dirt, water, and all those messy things. Plus, it offers generous storage space to keep your furry companion’s toys and accessories well organized. This easy-to-install luxury cover will make any car ride a breeze!


EzyDog Pet Life Jackets

From $79.95 at DogCulture.com.au

Planning a Christmas swim? Then this is the perfect gift for your pet, no matter if he/she is a beginner or you just want to be extra safe. It features a grab handle on the top if you need quick control over your pooch, and it is extra visible at night thanks to the reflecting piping. This life jacket is designed to be easy to fasten, adjust and remove; it’s also extra comfortable so that it won’t limit your dog’s natural movements, in or out of the water.


Last, we leave you with some truly Christmas themed gifts:


Feastheads Dog Toy – Turkey

Feastheads Turkey

Pay $13.95 at DogCulture.com.au

A playful pet who might get sad without a toy under the Christmas tree? This soft, squishy latex turkey will make your furry friend happy and festive thanks to its squeaker. Perfect for fetching and hilarious indoor play.


Feastheads Dog Toy, Gra’ham

Feastheads Graham

Pay $13.95 at DogCulture.com.au

Not a fan of turkey or looking for a different toy? Then check out the other members of the Feastheads family, like grumpy Gra’ham. This mouth-watering ham is also made of soft, squishy latex and features a squeaker.



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